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Jun 1, 2012 by

In our downtown core, a beautiful, cozy shop was the occupier of all things good, local and arty. For four years, this store was the purveyor of clothes, jewelry, music, and miscellaneous finds you simply couldn’t find anywhere else.

So why is it closing its doors?

Is it for lack of costumers or loyal supporters? No. Is it that dreaded word ‘money’? Of course it is. While the world finds its major purchases at the mainstream chains, the little guys – the mom & pop shops that our very society was built on – are barely being fed a bone.

It’s time to step up; shop local, support local. It’s time for us to recognize not only the goods store owners like Tamara Minns offers, but to be thankful for the opportunities she’s giving to independent artists.

Minns and her shop are award-winning, nominated, and well-respected. Losing RareFunk will be a loss felt across our region in the independent arts community. Let’s help her out.

For starters, the Save/Revive RareFunk Facebook group has begun. Check it out here.
I’ve discovered an online petition. Sign it here.
There’s also a Cash Mob scheduled. Be sure to get all the details here.

And if, by some miracle, you don’t already know who RareFunk is and all that they stand for, please visit here and join the fight to Save RareFunk.


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