VR On The Scene

Aug 6, 2012 by

VR On The Scene

Hey all, hope you’re long weekend has been enjoyable and adventurous.  While most of you are settling back in from holiday mode do take a peak at some recent events VR photographers have hit up lately with lllllots more to come as we’re in the midst of a incredible hurricane of events which only comes here in the peak of summer.  So have a look, follow @VR_onthescene and keep up with our wealth of pictorial work in all we cover each week.

Also, Issue 31 is due out tonight!

Amanda gets a whiff of Club Ab’s new do

Ariel & Nicole browse through London’s Home County FolkFest

Amanda gets up close with Leslie Pike’s & Sue Newberry’s bands

Tasha welcomes Lisa B. to July’s Guelph Poetry Slam!

Zach captures the final shadows of Your Neck Of The Woods!

Amanda glorifies a special showing of Barney Bentall

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