VR On The Scene – July Photo Archive

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VR On The Scene – July Photo Archive

Holy crap!  July went fast in retrospect!  And granted how busy the dozens of staff for VR On The Scene were I suppose we couldn’t have expected much else.  Come now that we are over the hill of this decadent and extreme summer, that doesn’t mean things are calming down for us in the least.  August is actually going to have the most events we have been ever made efforts to get out to thus far, and personally I’m humbled yet surprised at this with how crazy July seemed.  But the next few weeks are intense and full of festivals and further expansion in to our new cities Brantford, Stratford & London; however I’ve alllllso acquired a few talents to photo events and keep my ears open in St. Catherines, Hamilton and Toronto – dare us to be On The Scene???!!!  Just follow @VR_onthescene and see what all we’re up to, and all YOU should be up to, being active and supportive of the communities of artisans and event organizers that dedicate and sacrifice so dearly much for entertaining a long list of fun, artful events like these we highlighted in our JULY PHOTO ARCHIVE!

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