Jon Gomm, Brand New, The VR Drop Box pARTy & More

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Jon Gomm, Brand New, The VR Drop Box pARTy & More

Just because the summer is on the down turn to its end doesn’t mean @VR_onthescene is slowing its pace any, because we’re actually getting even busier than expected and have an absolute gauntlet of events coming up in the next many weeks you’ll be wanting to follow us on, if not on twitter then through FB at the least!  But for now here’s a bit of catch up from early August as photos still keep pouring in & we revamp some things in how we present VR On The Scene to you.  These epic events were featured in the past few weeks, and we hope you didn’t miss ‘em, but if you did that’s what we’re here for.  Catch up & end your summer by being at some great events we’ll give you some forewarning about.  Remember that you can twit-pic photos from your phone at any event you’re at to share on our twitter, just as we often do – just add @VR_onthescene or @VelvetRopeMag in the message!  Teaser pics are always epic and are sometimes greater than words to show why city to city Velvet Rope is On The Scene.

JJ finds some intimate moments with Jon Gomm

Amanda & Pete capture the process of VR’s Drop Box pARTy

Randie shines many lights on Brand New!

JJ gets ready for Mill Race

Katie hops to see The Malignant Theory’s final farewell 

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