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“The Best Pessimist (Ukraine) – Love Is… (March 31, 2012)”

Stumbling upon a new band, however fate holds it, is always exciting, but evidently being enveloped by one whose latest story you are sure within your first run through of it will be going in your “top cd” case of only 25 esteemed records is quite magical and rare.  Ukraine’s Sergey Luven has boasted a growing refinement over only three years past with two EP’s and three full lengths that give such emotionally driven hope for his musical purpose, found in the hills and valleys of “Love Is…” he’s performed with three comrades.

Up until this album Sergey has been standing alone behind his art, now he is evidently supported with not a dissimilar style but heavily confident change in perspective within in and where it is to go from here.

“Love Is…” as the opening track plays is a full blown expression of the album’s hour long ride condensed in to six minutes, so let that be your judge for the album.  But if that doesn’t cut it for you, just ease in to the enticing chords of Track 2 “Closeness” that mimics a style mirroring Russian Circles.  Tracks 3 and 4 sink in to an illusory solace from piano ballads from Track 2 to orchestral hymns, both culminating in the dark canyons of digital bass many of his tunes are noted for past and present, that only top quality DJ headphones can really let you appreciate!  Next are a pair of tracks called “Above The Fog” (I and II) which bring the early dawn sunlight in to the hazy canyon bottom right where you stand; they whole heartedly let you in on the bonding in music these dudes embody between each other in this project, with a sound paralleling This Will Destroy You and God Is An Astronaut.  Track 7 had brought lots of popularity to the band because it represents the core of what Sergey’s talents are with, piano and digital bass/synth pads with atmospheric tones in this still progressive journey of 9 tracks (plus a remix of one of his first songs “Autumn Leaves” as Track 10 you can judge for yourself upon listening to that EP on bandcamp).  “The Most Cold Winter” is a listing that holds a lot of beautiful movement and growth for a title so still in yet another new key of notes.  This song maintains the tie over to the final cadence “Conclusions” where plateaus are short lived and states of catatonia could be broken, maybe not as the more ear blasting explosion but as an overall balanced spectacle it is so perfect of a 12 minute anthem to end this story.

$8 on, pwyc for most of his other works. I’m pretty sure The Best Pessimist, among many others mentioned here, is a quality example to put to rest any nay-sayers to the uprising of the Post Rock scene.  LIKE the Post Rock group page on facebook for daily postings of new bands, songs, interviews and more.

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