First, let me say this.  Dallas Green has come miles since being the soft-voiced guitarist from Alexisonfire.  Even when he was still with the band, he managed to really set himself apart as a singer/songwriter, which is why I respect him as an artist.  Little Hell, his third full album, only serves to make him stand out more.

Little Hell is the same and yet a very different album for Dallas Green.  He does things with song composition and arrangements that very clearly sets it apart from previous albums.  However, it’s still unmistakably City and Colour.  This album feels more mature than the past ones, and if anything, the tone has gotten darker.  There are songs of love, songs of worry, songs of despair and songs of hope.  But overall, this album is angst ridden, introspective, and occasionally radiates a humbling self-doubt and insecurity that’s somehow comforting and unsettling at the same time.

There’s a lot more full-band stuff on this album than normal.  While there’s still a number of pure acoustic songs, it’s a bit to get used to if you’ve listened to his first two albums.  That being said, he does some really cool things with a backing band that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.  Fragile Bird wouldn’t have been the same without the multiple layers of bass, guitar and drums.  Some of the full band additions give a blues feeling, others…dare I say it…almost country sounding.  But otherwise Green’s own unique folk style still dominates the overall album feel.

We Found Each Other In The Dark really reminds me of how I got together with my lovely wife.  It all happened in the middle of winter during what I would consider a darker time in my life so it’s a really reminiscent song for me.  Little Hell really plays to that angst and self-doubt I was talking about, something I definitely relate to (and I think we all can).  Silver and Gold is the poignant story of a vision of the end of the world.  The dream presents the question “What if you woke up and everything you cared about was destroyed and gone?”  It’s powerful, and it really is my favourite song on the album.

With Little Hell, Green has yet again created something wonderfully deep.  If you’re feeling like something a little moodier for winter, I highly recommend Little Hell.

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