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Now normally speaking, the intention is to publish on Sundays – hence ‘Sunday Hymns’. However, mark it as bad timing on my part to launch just days before one of the largest casts of indie musicians takes over Chrysalids Theatre.

Then again, this makes the Berlin Soundsplash the first installation of Sunday Hymns.

The event (Saturday) is not just a conglomerate of artists who all managed to squeeze onto one bill. Rather, this weekend’s festivities are a round-up of some of Kitchener’s hottest indie musicians for one night and, luckily, one low price.

Specifically, I interviewed Christen Zuch who plans to take the stage as part of the Molasses 10-piece ensemble and later debut a handful of the new tracks she’s co-written with Ian Smith (The Miniatures/Spirits).

A ways back I referred to her as a woman with a voice that could wet the driest eyes. This past week Zuch let me in on a snippet of the music she’s planning to debut on Saturday night. If I could say one thing about her, it would be that Zuch never ceases to impress, dazzle and surprise. I can assure you that the music scatters in different directions, spills artistic boundaries and at the centre it’s everything you’ve come to love about Zuch’s music. Oh – and Ian’s, too.

Read on to my interview with the woman behind the voice. And check www.christenzuch.com for all the updates.

SH: What have you and Ian been up to?

CZ: We are co-writing songs for my next album.

SH: You’ve already put out two records. Why so soon?

CZ: I want to build my catalogue as a songwriter, I’ve been a fan of Ian’s for a long time and I wanted to push myself as a writer and vocalist. I knew that working with Ian I would be able to step outside of the ‘folk’ that I’ve been writing/singing.

SH: What’s the working experience been like?

CZ: Working with Ian has been great. We have written 12 songs so far, each song has been written/recorded in a 4-5 hour session. Ian is a genius and really easygoing to work with.

SH: What’s your goal with the material you’ve been writing?

CZ: We are going to write 16-20 songs and then host the demo’s online where fans can listen and vote on the ones that they’d like on the album. I wanted to make it more personal and let them be a part of the experience. I have such loyal friends/fans and I’m extremely grateful. My end goal is to continue to write and build my catalogue as a songwriter and work towards placing my music in film/television.

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