White Cowbell Oklahoma make their triumphant return to their home away from home – The Starlight in Waterloo. No strangers to the region, WCO plans to pull-out all the stops in their heavy metal meets rockabilly, chainsaw-wielding ways.

I can’t count how many times I recall seeing them for the first time, when they lit up the stage with sparks and fire, topless dancers and perfumed the club with the stench of booze, b.o. and chainsaw motor. And I can’t count how many times I’ve said it was probably one of the best live shows I’d ever seen.

The fact remains that WCO defines a live show. So get out to see them. They’re playing Thursday.

SH: Tell me about coming back to the Region

WCO: WCO always love coming to the Tri-City region — it’s like a holy trinity of rock n roll-ocity there. Everyone’s just a little bit more insane and willing to have that one last Jager on a school night. We enjoy your moxy and plan on getting you all glistening.

SH: How do you keep your sets fresh when you’re returning to the Starlight for fans who come to see you time and again?

WCO: WCO have a brand new guitarist – though still lacking a stage moniker. We’re thinking Snakebreath Larry has a nice ring, but we’re not sure yet. He’s trained to top condition and we’re eager to unleash our latest Cowbell-bot into the unsuspecting world. Let’s face it, Waterloo even if you’ve seen the band many times it’s an extremely volatile show — we barely even know what’s gonna happen. You will be amazed, astounded, thrilled, ravaged and sent home in a shopping cart.

SH: You’ve traveled overseas as well now. How is the music scene different from North America to Europe?

WCO: The Starlight is much like a European club, actually, in that they treat bands very well and actually prefer it if we create an environment of depravity and borderline illegality. People in Europe also tend to know a lot about music and can pick out every obscure influence. But we still love you cavemen-like North Americans. You make a lot of noise.

SH: What do you have planned for the show?

WCO: You’ll just have to come and see and hear. The more you grope, the better we sound.


Thursday, November 3, Starlight

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