VOLUME 1 | ISSUE 17 | Letter from the Editor & On Display with Sherri Dills

Let me start by thanking everyone who attended our 24 Hour Concert. The event brought out a new batch of people for every set (yes, even our 4:00am set-time), and it’s convinced us we’ll have to do it again. Perhaps not right away, but eventually.


As April comes to a close and we’re able to offer you our 2nd monthly print edition, I find myself even more excited for summer concerts. Hockeyfest, Blues Fest, TABU, Rock The Mill, Hillside, Koi; the list goes on and on.


And while we’re on the topics of festivals, Weezer performing in Brantford is our cover story this month. Add to that The Trews, Sloan and dozen or so of our local artists, Hockeyfest is shaping up to be one of the must-see summer showcases of 2012!


Along with our Hockeyfest coverage, you’ll also find Sherri Dills’ artwork on display, Part 1 of Todd’s Summer Movie Guide, our KazooFest coverage and more of your favourites like the Live Music Highlights and Creative Adaptation.


Remember, if you’re someone interested in becoming a part of the VR family – photographers, writers and ad reps, pay attention! – please get in touch with me: care@velvetropemagazine.com. We’d love to hear from you!


Now that summer is officially on the horizon, you may find yourself longing for some of those previous summer-time relationships to resurface. Someone you met a live concert; someone from summer camp when you were a kid. To the friends I’ve loved and lost – I wish you were here. Summer just isn’t as sunny without you.


Enjoy VR, friends.




Care xo


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