Event Feature: Key Notes & Brush Strokes

By: Jnet


If you look at our local arts and music scene there is much overlap. If you’re into the local scene on either side, taking a look at your friends you most likely know both a visual artist and a musician, perhaps even someone who is both. This isn’t surprising as it has always been common for different kinds of art to overlap. Unfortunately it’s not as common today to see an event with as much of a merger of the fine arts and music as Key Notes & Brush Strokes will be treating us with. Being students of Conestoga’s Event Management Program, Shannon Butt, Ashleigh Carson, and Britteny Blackman had to create and organize an event as part of their final evaluations. Ashleigh wanted to organize an event showcasing fine arts and Britteny was equally passionate about a musical event. Shannon told me that it actually started out as two separate events that ended up being merged together. “Throughout our brainstorming sessions, it was realized that putting the two together could create and amazing atmosphere for guests to enjoy.” Key Notes & Brush Strokes was born; or at least the concept was.


Shannon informed me that through further brainstorming sessions and coffee dates the three ladies agreed that they wanted the event to have a local feel. “Something that Kitchener and Waterloo could enjoy and be proud of. Who better to participate than KW’s own Society of Artists? The President, Sandra Schizkoske was so helpful through the entire process.” Having connections throughout the local music scene, Britteny was able to recruit many local acts to play the event. Through their cooperation and support of one another’s passions they were able to create an event that has the perfect marriage of fine arts and music.


Remember how I mentioned that anyone involved in the scene might have a friend who is both an artist and musician? Well the show features one of those local multi-talents, Chris Farell, who is not just an artist in the show but the opening musical act as well!


Even though the event hasn’t yet taken place it already seems like it will be a great success. This made me wonder if it may perhaps be another awesome local event that turns into an annual affair. Shannon told me that there has in fact been a lot of discussion about running the event annually. “Britteny, Ashleigh, and I make a great team, and the event seems to be unfolding beautifully. Maybe KW will see us next year!”


Key Notes & Brush Strokes takes place March 22nd, 5pm at Little Bean Coffee Bar.

It’s a 19+ event. Tickets are $15 dollars and include appetizers.


Live Performances by:
7:00pm Chris Farell (instrumental)
7:45pm MAN (Mat Cays and Nick Moore)
8:30pm Christen Zuch
9:15pm Anthony Domaio
10:00pm Anna Horvath
10:45pm The Humanzees Unplugged

Featuring Artwork From:
Aybike Taner
Alemseged Siyoum
Kathleen Poste
Chris Farrell
Todd Manuel
Salome Perez
Monte Wright
Janet Main
Sandra Schizkoske
Jan Banks


For more info check out: keynotesbrushstrokes.wordpress.com

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