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Ontario’s Hottest Country Act Release “Girls Get In Free”

photography by: John Jameson
by: Care Humphries

On the heels of a promotional blitz as they release their new single, “Girls Get In Free”, Kerosene Creek (or warmly referred to as one of Ontario’s hottest country acts) drummer, Fern, and I discussed the song and dominating the country scene in the province.

“‘Girls Get In Free’ was written by all members of the band and our good friend singer/songwriter Steve Rivers,” Fern explains. “It’s about a group of girls putting all their troubles and worries aside and just have fun on a Broadway- Nashville TN night out. The hook (title) speaks for itself. Especially to the female audience where ever we perform at.”

“There’s a rumour country shows are always sold out, why do you think that is?” I ask him.

“After playing with different bands and genres I quickly discovered there is a lot of people out there that love country music but don’t show it until you walk in,” Fern replies. “At the Stampede Corral or Stampede Ranch, for example, (you’ll) find 800+ people dancing and singing along to the music. Today’s country is plain and simple; your pop rock with some twang to it, and a lyrical message that people easily associate with.”

I was curious, though. Is Kerosene Creek primarily an original band or do they play covers?

“At the moment we do more covers then originals. The venues we play require us to perform from 9:30 to 2 am so we have to come up with material that will carry on for that time as opposed to your average 1 1/2 hour set on a 2 or 3 rock band event. But eventually we would like to turn that around into a full show of Kerosene Creek music and maybe a couple covers as an encore like you see in the ‘big leagues’,” Fern tells me. I noted that when I met Fern he was primarily a rock artist. “I am a rocker and will always be,” he states, “but I fell in love with this genre about 6 years ago and quickly discovered that I could adapt and learn more about country drumming. I’m always trying to learn new rudiments from all over the musical spectrum. At the same time I bring in that hard edge beat that drives the band. I hit the drums with the same conviction as a rock show.”

As for the new single, (a pop-country up-tempo ditty that is surprisingly catchy and rivals most mainstream artists in today’s market), I asked Fern why the band opted to release a single versus a full EP. “In country music we experience a lot of this,” Fern tells me. “Single is released and the full EP or album comes out almost a year after. With iTunes it has become a ‘single’ business almost. There’s been a few examples lately attached to youtube videos that wen’t viral. We feel this is the right time to present Kerosene Creek to a wider audience with the release of ‘GGIF’. There has been quite some hype about the band since our trip to Nashville this past month.”

So what can you expect from a Kerosene Creek show? “A fun filled highly energetic party!” Fern says. “Mandi’s vocals are superb. She’s such a powerful singer and we’re just the wheels that follow her steering wheel. It’s amazing to see people’s faces in the front rows mesmerized at her performance. John also sings besides playing bass which brings that country cowboy vocal element to Kerosene Creek and both their vocals mesh quite well in duets we perform at our shows.”

Find them live:

March 31 – Dirty Dog Saloon – Hamilton
April 4 – Guelph University
April 6-7 – Eastsides – London
April 20 – 21 – Dominion House – Stratford
April 26 – 27 – 28 – Stampede Ranch – Guelph
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