VOLUME 1 | ISSUE 10 Cover: Tommy Hunter

This Week in Velvet Rope

Tommy Hunter | Coronation Street at the University of Waterloo | Nicole Aube | and more!

“How do you readily interview the man who has interviewed, well, everyone? My q and a with Tommy Hunter was a fifteen minute conversation I’ll never forget…” (read it)

“The production is quite mature and fully supports the songs without becoming overbearing..” (Nicole Aube releases Philosoftread it!)

“…she and her cast mates are on tour in Canada, promoting the series and sharing the secrets behind the Street…” – Julia Haworth of Coronation Street talks about coming to Canada. Read it!

Check out some of the Upcoming Arts Events in the Region!

“For most, the idea of writing a novel is a pretty ambitious goal that would require a lot of dedication and devotion. Now the idea of writing a novel, making the decision to turn it into a trilogy, and immediately turning the first novel into a film is unheard of…” – Rebecca Carrigan writes and Release “All I Need”. Read it!

 “Purveyors of catchy sing-along pop, the band packs musical credit the most picky muso’s can respect…” – Kate Cox gets down with the Monkey Bunch! Read it!

“Thing is, Rock ‘n’ Roll has died before, and it’ll die again—Hallelujah.  Isn’t that what makes the genre so great?” Anthony Damiao examines rock music. Read more!

“That’s right. We’ve got Morgan Freeman’s voice. And we’re not giving it back…” Ryan Watches a Film: Conan. Read more!

7 Day Line Up including your guide to a GREAT St. Patrick’s Day!

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