Volume 1 | Issue 13 : The Collector’s Edition

This month in Velvet Rope Magazine … 

“Whether our problems run as deep as our lovelorn, grief-stricken, charming characters is irrelevant. Rent cuts the bullshit, and portrays the grimiest of human nature teaching us how to survive when we’re stuck treading on the bottom…”

Letter from the Editor

Letters to the Editor 

“To get the most important aspect out of the way, Frat Burger delivers the goods..” Restaurant Review: Frat Burger

“One of my first questions to Jean was how this walk, this eleven year odyssey, had changed him as a person, and what it was like to leave everything behind. Answering in his thick Quebecois accent, he told me…” The Man Who Walked Around The World

“Both the coolest and the cruelest part of this carefully planned mother of an April Fools’ Day prank is that, if all goes well, the penny drops as the victim himself is providing the punchline.”

“Sustainable Waterloo Region to recognize 41 local organizations committed to reducing environmental impact.”

“SASHA is sitting in a sun filled kitchen, video chatting with IAN (from England) on her computer.” Picture This, by: Sasha Ormond

Upcoming Arts & Culture Events

“Being a part of the tri-cities means being a part of a community—whether you’re gay or straight.” Celebrating Drag Culture with tri-Pride

“Disconnection and displacement are approaches to self-development (and artistic/musical development) that often go unconsidered, but can be a great source of innovation, inspiration, success, and understanding of one’s self. For the purposes of this column, I am going to gear my discussion towards music…” Creative Adaptation

“We have a website! www.tricityrollergirls.com Look here to find our season
schedule, check out team and player profiles and creep pictures of our good
looking gals….” Roller Derby .. WTF?

“Signed to Busted Flat Records; acclaimed
independent label operating out of Kitchener (yes, Kitchener), Andersen shares good company with folk
and roots musicians from our own backyard..” Tyler Robertson reviews Matt Anderson’s Coal Miner’s Blues

“I met with Shane in upper lobby of the historic and lavish Embassy Hotel in downtown Victoria, to chat about his new album “Rememberance Year”, and his third book of poems “Our Deathbeds Will be Thirsty” (McKellar and Martin Publishing Group) which is being launched April 18th at the Capitol Theater in Nelson B.C.” – Jenn Pidgeon Interviews Shane Koyczen

“Daylight savings time is on and the old 10:30 is the new 11:30, so more of us might be up at a time to see David Letterman, giant of late night talk shows, following in the tradition of the legendary Johnny Carson…” D. Heavyfeather dissects the Late Night Band 

Live Music Highlights – April 2012

Jeans ‘N Classics Brings Electric Thursdays at Centre in the Square

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