Restaurant Review: Frat Burger

by: Russell Jennison

It was positively balmy when I stopped in for some late lunch at Frat Burger on Tuesday. What better way to celebrate the arrival of winter’s version of summer than with a bike ride and some fast food?

Located at the corner of University and King, Frat Burger has a prime spot to take the university crowd head on with its juicy ground beef concoctions. To get the most important aspect out of the way, Frat Burger delivers the goods. It’s a great juicy burger, cooked to your tastes, with many topping options. I had the chef’s special for the day, the reuben, topped in a fairly classic reuben sandwich style, but with a delectable burger patty replacing the traditional corned beef. The 100% local AAA ground beef is less densely packed than a lot of restaurant burgers, giving it a lovely texture and a melt-in-your-mouth quality normally reserved for a great hand-made barbeque burger. It’s a nice thick asymmetric patty. It was positively delicious with one caveat. Personally I’m not a huge fan of the “classic” burger bun. This was a high quality classic white bun, no whole grainy qualities in sight, with that traditional soft texture. I would love to see Frat Burger also offer some kind of multigrain option. Perhaps they could partner with a local bakery to get more of a baker’s style bun made? As I enjoyed the burger and a delicious “Quebec Poutine” (made with fresh cut fries, real gravy, and real cheese curds), I took in the decor. It’s a really enjoyable atmosphere, having a 1950’s beach house kind of thing going on. The stereo was rockin some 80’s ‘summer fun’-style tunes. There is a large sitting area with bar and drinks (quite unique for a “burger” joint) as well as a traditional stand-in-line counter area for those wanting to eat and run.

Price-wise I would put Frat Burger right in the middle of the pack. The price is quite normal, and with the food quality being above the cut, it feels like you’re getting good value for your dollar. Combine all of that with friendly service, and you’ve got a top notch burger joint. All in all, it’s something I’ll want to experience again I’m sure.  I encourage burger aficionados to give it a try, and put it in rotation with your other favorite spots.

1A 247 King Street North

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