Volume 1 | Issue # 14 | COVER: Pocket City


“Welcome home, Pocket City. Welcome home.” continue reading..

“On Thursday, March 29th, Yukon Blonde performed at Club Vinyl in Guelph…” continue reading 

“Jason Raso is a self-proclaimed ‘funk heart’ and ‘jazz head’.” continue reading

“One minute exhorting Jesus and the next a femme fatale, Soulstack’s new CD “Big Red” is a dichotomy of holy and sinful sounds that is as deliciously conflicted as the style of music itself….” keep reading

“Kazoo! Fest is a pretty amazing 5 day music and arts festival in our own dearly beloved Guelph! Yes! Just half an hour away by roads lies the fair city of Guelph, a veritable melting pot of food and fun and culture. Starting this April 11th, the venues of Guelph will be spangled with bands and happenin’s from all over the Great White North. You lucky buggers! You are royally spoilt for choice as to what to do!” … keep reading

“Break out the machetes and goalie masks and, whatever you do, don’t say “be right back” this Friday, because its Friday’s the 13th. Whether you are easily spooked or not you might be wondering what all the buzz surrounding the inauspicious date is about, and whether it has any historical significance at all, that is, beyond Camp Crystal Lake…” keep reading  

“…..this VR 24 hour concert was a blast, and I hope it happens again….” continue reading

“Whether you’re preparing your latest record in the studio or simply recording yourself for fun
at home, once that record button is pushed and the red light shines, it’s show time….” continue reading

 “Jack & Jill started out as a school project, a novel idea, but in hindsight, we just needed a name to put on the work we’re already doing…” continue reading


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