Jack and Jill Release


Friday night, a humble gathering of local artisans and small business owners congregated in the L-Lounge for the Gala Launch of Kitchener’s newest company, Jack & Jill Multimedia. Specializing in Digital Conceptualization,Communication & Design Implementation, or more simply, Pretty Video Marketing, Amber Long and Robert Johnstone introduced themselves to the community as helpers in the digital realm.Guests were invited then, to enjoy a 41-minute screening in The Chrysalids Theater of their most recent work. This montage of videos included local names such as Mandyland, Cocoon Apothecary, Sneakers Thru Speakers and showcased a variety of ways videos can help artists or small businesses grow or to gain exposure. The night ended with a jovial spirit filling the room, a few drinks from a gracious bartender, inspirational words from Mark Essner(SNAP KW) about staying passionate and thanks from our hosts. “Jack & Jill started out as a school project, a novel idea, but in hindsight, we just needed a name to put on the work we’re already doing”, says Long. When asked how she saw Jack & Jill, moving forward, she replied, “With Rob’s audio brilliance and my newfound accessibility to high end video equipment, I can’t wait to see where Jack & Jill fetch their next pail of water!”Welcome to Kitchener, Jack & Jill Multimedia, it’ll be interesting to see the world through your eyes.

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