Volume 1 | Issue #14 | Jason Raso

Jason Raso Performs at the Registry

Jason Raso is a self-proclaimed ‘funk heart’ and ‘jazz head’. But whatever he calls himself, you can simply use the word ‘talented’. From being an artist to a composer, a producer and a teacher, Raso has done it all. He’s composed and performed music for radio, he’s been a session musician and is routinely featured on television and radio. Now he and his quartet are performing at Kitchener’s Registry Theatre Friday, April 13th. Raso took time out of his busy schedule to have an email q and a with us. Read on to find out more about this jazz musician and performing for us next weekend. 
Let’s start with your discography … 
JR: The Bassman Cometh (2001), Live On Planet Bop (2002), Detour (2005), An Abominable Christmas (2006), Groovespeak (2007), The Red Arrow (2011)
Tell me about being a musician here in the tricities and Guelph … 
JR: I’m very lucky to be doing what I love for a living. I enjoy teaching, playing and recording and there is a lot of opportunity to explore these things in the KW-Guelph area.
With independent bands flooding SW Ontario, what does it take to stand out?
JR: I just try to stay true to my music. I don’t want to play music that I don’t love. I hope that shows in our performances. Also, there aren’t that many bass players leading bands, so I think that helps us stand out a bit.
Everyone hates the genre box. If I was to stuff you into one, what would it be?
JR: I think we’d best be described as funky jazz.
The Registry is an incredible theatre. Tell me about this show.
JR: I’m super excited about the show. We’ll be performing a retrospective on the music of 70′s fusion pioneers Weather Report. It’s challenging music to play, but so much fun. I’ll be performing with a great band featuring Brent Rowan on sax, Rob Hannam on keys and Adam Bowman on drums.
Does this have anything to do with being on Friday the 13th?
JR: I hope not!
You’ve performed for so long, so often. What are some of your favourite gig stories?
JR: There’s so many! One time in London, I thought my bass was in the car, only to realize when we got to the gig that it wasn’t. Thankfully, I was able to rent one. That was a close call!
A new musician wants your advice. What is it?
JR: Play what you love and practice.
Tell me about your short term plans for the summer.
We’ll be performing a lot throughout the summer including June 2nd at the The Jazz Room in Waterloo and June 16th at the Barrie Jazz Festival.
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