VOLUME 1 | ISSUE 15 | COVER: Craig Cardiff

This Week in Velvet Rope:

“For two years, I’ve spoken with Craig Cardiff on the phone; through emails and other various means of social media…”
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“For the half dozen or so of our readers who are unfamiliar with Lucas Stagg and Paul Macleod, they are local troubadours par excellence.”
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“I’ve heard a recent buzz going around town about something called the Listener’s Group Concert Series, and once I had taken a gander at some of the art being offered at these displays,  and listened to some of the music that performers will be offering as well,  I just had to know more.”
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“Review of Lumber Junk, Paint, Katlina & the Gracious show at Maxwell’s Music House on March 28th, 2012.”
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The Jack and Jill Multimedia Release: Reviewed

Cory Schnurr checks out CMW

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