VOLUME 1 | ISSUE 15 | Lucas Stagg & Paul MacLeod

by: Tim Knight
For the half dozen or so of our readers who are unfamiliar with Lucas Stagg and Paul Macleod, they are local troubadours par excellence. With a self described sound of “english pop, singer/songwriter, but old punk rockers at heart “, they are widely touted as two of the regions best songsmiths. Fans and neophytes alike will have the chance to enjoy their particular take on “Three chords and the truth” on April 22 at the underrated Jane Bond.

Stagg and Macleod have a history of working together. “Mark Logan at Busted Flat Records helped facilitate our first tour.  Lucas approached me as we both had new releases on the horizon, Macleod answered when asked why. “Our similar styles and our camaraderie makes it easy to travel together.”

“Our combined voices have a fun texture, and our playing and instrument choices compliment each other. I think that’s what initially has kept us interested in touring and recording together,” Stagg chimes in. “We’ve of course become very good comrades over the years. You have to if you’re going spend that much time in a car with somebody.”

The show at Jane Bond will be at the end of a mini tour of southern Ontario. So, what can we expect?

“Expect a solo set, with brand new and recently released material, from each of us. Also, there will be a third set of surprises as a duo”, said Stagg. “Songs, new and old, in one of my favourite venues Waterloo has ever offered,” continued Macleod. “Great people run this room and it’s always a treat to play it.”

Lucas Stagg & Paul Macleod

Sunday, April 22nd

The Jane Bond – Waterloo

Early Show – 8pm




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