VOLUME 1 | ISSUE 18 | Elora Acoustic Cafe

by: Sasha Ormond

Hey, listen.  No, really, just listen for a minute because I think you might find this to be a relatable/interesting little bit of information.

As much as Kitchener-Waterloo is home to some fantastic local acts and venues, like anything, it often leaves me (about once a month) wanting to call a friend and say, ‘Can we maybe do something different this weekend’?  Or, ‘Do you have the car because I think we should go somewhere else this Friday, like, slightly out of town’.

This is, IN NO WAY, paying any disrespect to the few local venues that play host to our very rich and talented community of musicians, nor is it a call to move on completely from our local haunts.  This is simply a suggestion for a little something new.  A short road trip or adventure to get us away, once a month, from our personal repetition crises so we can come back to our beloved town and it’s talents with fresh eyes and an absence of that ‘do we have to go there again’ pit in the bottom of our stomachs.

Here it is, the answer, the event whose integration into your monthly plans will surely add to the overall pride and excitement one can feel about our local(ish) arts scene:

The Elora Acoustic Café, www.eloraacousticcafe.com.  This incredible event takes place one Friday out of every month (this meaning that the first night you can catch it will be on June the 8th) and is held at The Elora Centre for the Arts (75 Melville Street, Elora).  These nights consist of about an hour of open stage, followed by an hour long set by a featured musician.  It is a warm, inviting atmosphere full of good conversation and a relaxing, unpretentious approach to the ‘gathering together to appreciate music’ kind of scene.  It is also a non-profit event, with, after expenses for the evening, all proceeds going to the featured artists.


Here are some of the upcoming acts you have to look forward to:

June 8 – Michael Pickett

July 13 – Amy McCann

Aug 10 – No Café – See the many other local events!!!

Sept 14 – Ian Reid

Oct 12 – David Ross McDonald

Nov 9 – Rich Burnett

Dec 14 – Christmas all open stage show

Feel free to utilize your Google abilities now.  Go.  Now consider that the pittance of a five dollar cover at the door is completely worth it given the breadth of your out of town/adventure/incredible space/new music experience.
Some frequently asked questions might go something like this:`
Do I have to have dreadlocks to attend? – Absolutely not.  This event is for everyone, young and old, dreadlocked or un-dreadlocked, social scene affiliation not a factor.
Do I have to participate in the open stage portion of the evening? – No.  But, if you are a musician, pro or ‘play in secret – not even in front of your cat’ type, you should always bring your instrument and see how the mood and feel of the evening strike you.  Bring your just in case mentality.
How will I get there if I don’t have a car? – Call your friend with a car and tell them that you will navigate through the beautiful moonlit back roads AND buy them a tea upon arrival.
Will Maxwell’s Music House or The Little Bean or The Boathouse, etc., be angry with me for stepping out once a month? – This is a foolish question and I refuse to answer it.  Who are you, anyway?  Get with it.
The tagline on the events poster reads, ‘Bring an instrument, a voice, or simply come out and enjoy the live music’.  I believe this says it all.  I believe this is the ever searched for answer to my once a month conundrum blues.  I’m willing to bet that it’s yours as well.  See you there, local friends and music/adventure lovers!

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