VOLUME 1 | ISSUE 19 | The ARC of Fubar

The ARC of Fubar: Night Seekers welcomed in by Split the Skye

by: Tyler “Tyski” Dombroski

I was on my way to the Night Seeker show on April 18, and while walking by one of the many houses I lived in as a child my mind got swept up into memory lane. Back in the day when The Hive was called Last Harry’s, my mum used to treat us to a game of pool and food from the deep-fried menu. The Duke Street apartments were nothing but a parking lot and the new Kitchener Market was, well, still new. I was fourteen years old and the movie Fubar was fresh off the reel. It’s now twelve years later, and Dean “The Deaner” Murdock is all psyched up and ready to play bass and sing as well as any metalhead can. The boys from Split the Skye (STS) are opening up, ready and willing to welcome Night Seeker to our newly developed city of Kitchener.

With a blown-out knee I reach for my newly poured rum and coke; time to numb up and party.

It seems that Split the Skye’s pent up aggressions toward the shuffle of life, and maybe even each other, has been funnelled into their most intense shows yet. Trust me, I know. I’ve been to and through many, many STS shows. This shit is heavy!

Flo’s drums shook with a yearning to crumble, buckling with every smash, crash and kick. Shane’s voice came through with a heavy heart; elegant harmonies and guttural screams from a void that we all have far within the depths of our being. Shane’s elemental intro riffs with unyielding bass notes paired well with Helmut’s chill-evoking guitar and unique array of effects. The STS three piece siren gave the small but entirely awesome crowd the hunger to listen and desire to bang their heads. These are the tried and true ears of heavy metal.

For some, though, it was not their scene. Those are the ones that choked on the line between actually appreciating and accepting the incredible musical skill demonstrated on stage before their very eyes, seething sarcastically with green-eyed envy, just wishing they could harness such a tight sound for their own gain. I also know the taste of this envy – I live in its ugly marshes all the time. Remember kids, money kills, and everyone buried comes with a bill, but what the heck does that have to do with anything?

Let’s get back on track here.

The feedback that peaked through the monitors during their set lent itself to the raw feeling that was exuded through each of the three members’ beings. STS slays again, and it’s about to get even more wild when the next band pounds the raised area called a stage. Everyone orders up round after round of burning fire, anticipating the emergence of The Deaner and his Night Seeker band.

As the Night Seeker boys set up, a steady rumble of applause and cheer begins at the back of the room. Camera flashes begin. Dean is making waves and high-fiving the crowd, wading through towards the stage. People are feeding him shotguns and infinite amounts of brew.

Once on stage, the Fubar co-creator flips over a banner, revealing the hand-sprayed NS logo, and the crowd goes wild! Brandishing his B.C. Rich Warlock (we share the same axe of choice) they commence ‘the rock’. Old school metal and thrash influences show us that Night Seeker ain’t just all about the funny. In between songs Dean points out all the hot single sisters (wishful thinking or just party hard wisdom?). The bass player/front man was highly fashionable with his genuine black-leather fanny pack, tight jeans with sneakers, and a shirt too short to cover his belly button. Eighties rocker, and hell in a hand basket, they should bottle his sweat and call it Heavy Metal Musk.

Later he declares that anyone who is caught throwing up in mom’s bathtub after a Night Seeker show, and losing their job because of it, can call The Deaner and he’ll straighten out their boss. Cigarette butts pile up beside shot-gunned beer cans and the evening rolls on. When they covered Poison’s “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” I couldn’t help but notice that cigarette lighters have been replaced by smart phones and Blackberries. We must accept this.

The rest of the show consisted of an all female beer shotgun competition, lots of people dressed in flannel, and a human pyramid right in the middle of the standing area, where The Deaner got on top and raised his four-string axe with a conquering howl. The rest was a blur. One more beer, one more smoke, and one more glance at the Fubar king.

ARC did an incredible job with this one, and it was great to get a taste of Fubar in the K-dub. They are also gearing up now for the ever awesome KOI Music Fest once they wrap up the ARC Battle, where they have succeeded in bringing our local music scene onto Kitchener’s most acclaimed stage at Elements Nightclub. Great respect goes out to the brothers of ARC. Feel the rumble, party hard, and JUST GIVER!

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