“SIMPLE MAN” – Letter from the Editor

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by: Care Humphries; Editor in Chief

Before you landed on our Home Page, you were greeted by our Press Release. The rumours are true – I.R.I.S. Entertainment has made the decision to reduce the excess of printing by 50%.

In March, we’ll be entirely online. In April, we’ll begin releasing our Collector’s Editions. As part of our commitment to the environment, our Collector’s Editions will be available monthly only.

Don’t fear – we’ll always be free, and we’ll always be current online!

Next up for Velvet Rope – we’re intending a 24 Hour Rock Concert starting Saturday March 31st at 8:00pm and running until 8:00pm Sunday April 1st. Think you have what it takes to perform? Get in touch with us for further details.

This week’s issue of Velvet Rope hosts an article written by our Arts Editor, Jnet. The Mariah Series Launch Party is Saturday March 3rd at Maxwell’s Music House. The shows feature talented female musicians in support of Mariah’s Mission; a foundation centralized around raising awareness of teen suicide and depression. In January 2011, my dear friend Jeanna lost her daughter Mariah to suicide and courageously began the Mission in Mariah’s honour. You can help contribute to the cost by coming out to our Launch Party or any of our subsequent events around the region.

Why “Simple Man”? Because I’ve learned that sometimes the questions are difficult and the answers are simple (thank you, Dr. Suess). The question was how do we protect our carbon footprint, set an example for our children and make a statement in today’s print media industry. The answer was to reduce the quantity of publications we were distributing each week – simple.

Have a great week, folks!

Care xo

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