VR On The Scene – March/April 2012 Photo Archive

Below is the full listing of events Velvet Rope photographers captured as winter came to spring; you may also view events through the drop down menu and its pull-out tabs for individual photo line-ups and matching articles.  These months made evident that our photo team demanded growth to keep up with how busy summer was in the works to be, and our May album embodies the commencement of this growth in talent and vigour of our artists being avidly On The Scene ready for the heat to be turned up in more ways than one!

Tyler Dombroski & Jnet Lavoie Check out The Uptown Waterloo Comedy Festival!

Randie Leanne at The Beaver and Bulldog for St. Patrick’s Day!

John Jameson at Little Bean on St. Patrick’s Day!

Adam Dee at Maxwell’s Music House for St. Patrick’s Day!

Tyler Young Checks out the GAIN Music Festival!

Tyler Young Catches Dub Sounds Invading Guelph!

John Jameson checks out Comedy Fest!

Adam Dee checks out the Zachary Lucky & Friends Show @ Princess Cafe

Adam Dee Catches Beheading Of A King @ Chrysalids

Randie Leanne Checks out Farewell To Freeway @ The Hive!

Tiffany Machado Checks out PAINT & Katlina and The Gracious @ Maxwell’s!

Amanda DeLarge Checks out Planet World @ The Hive!

Amanda DeLarge Checks out The River Of Ghosts @ The Hive!

Randie Leanne checks out Waterstreet Trio @ Lancaster Smoke House!

Tyler Young checks out Yukon Blonde!

Mariah Series Launch Party!

Amanda DeLarge Checks out Cancer Bats!

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