Tyler Young Checks out the GAIN Music Festival!

© Tyler Young Photography

Article by: Derek De Boer & Phil Knarr from Audio Gold Music Centre

On Thursday March 8th, 2012 Velvet Rope was at the 2nd annual Gain Music Festival.  This event was jammed with 15 amazing acts who performed until close at Van Gogh’s Ear in Guelph Ontario.  This was a brilliantly diverse collection of audible artists. The festival made use of all three floors of the historic building with different music staggered upon them.  The ground floor had more soulful and softer acts, the top floor had an awesome array of metal and punk music and the 2nd floor was both musically and physically somewhere in between.   We are completely baffled by the excessive collection of talent that was assembled on this night.  We’re not aware of any music festival like this, the venue and layout is perfect for fans of every genre.   All of the organizers, performers and staff were approachable and curtious which seemed to set the theme for the night.  Here is the list of performers in no particular order (which were all phenomenal): Solid Oak Tree, Thunderhawks, Tyson and his Gameboy, Andrew Coombes, Arkham Awaits, The Baxters, Among Millions, The Decay, The Humanzees, Patrick McCauley, (u) Sinister Trailer Park Magic, The Sweet Mack, Your Neck Of The Woods, Wakeless and last but not least Medicine Hat.  If you’re aware of any of these acts and their awesomeness then you know what we’re talking about.  There is no question that those in attendance experienced something special and that those who weren’t there completely missed out.  We’re lucky to have shared the night Special thanks to Chase Roberts Dylan Dawson and Nik Wever.  See you next year at the Gain Music Festival!

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