VR On The Scene – May 2012 Photo Archive

Below is the full listing of events Velvet Rope photographers captured as summer has crept on to the scene as steadily, and as intensely on some days, as the heat has lingered.  You may also want to view events through the drop down menu and its pull-out tabs for individual photo line-ups and links to matching articles, the artists/performers, venues and lots else.  May was hella-busy, not only with tons of happenings throughout the area, but with me acquiring finally a hopeful core group of photographers between the four cities Velvet Rope caters to, just in time for all the summer chaos!  The May photo album here embodies the commencement of this growth in talent and vigour of our artists being avidly On The Scene ready for the heat to be turned up even higher in more ways than one; just wait til you see what we put out for June, and the depth of photo talent that will be featured through VR right here every day!  Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, because our photographers will let you know what’s On The Scene, at any given time.  Lastly please be sure to become a follower (see right side of homepage, ***This Is How You Will Receive Our New Posts*** and help us & our community by DONATING to our INDIE-GOGO.  Sync up & Break down On The Scene!

Amanda highlights Billy ‘The Kid’ Pettinger

Pete lounges on Mongolian’s New Patio

Melissa hits up MD Edwards & his many guest artists

Amanda is among the chaos at A Sight For Sewn Eyes & Touche Amore

Wes trips out on ‘Digital Night: Exploring Art & Perception’

Adam D. gets green at the KW Ecofair

Tyler captures the final words of Don’t Mind Dyin’

Tyler shines the light on Old Man Luedecke

Amanda checks on the KW Youth Theatre Group

Adam D. shows some photo love for Anthony Damiao & a superb folk trio from MTL

Melissa squeezes in to photog Alysha Brillinger’s CD Release!

Randie catches some air at KW’s newest Skate Park

Zach exposes Sandman Viper Command!

Amanda sees Split The Skye take ARC Finals

Adam D. faces the return of Big Wreck!

Shannon debuts photoging Mandroid Echostar & Farewell To Freeway!

Melissa gets on the edge of the Red Carpet

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