Adam D. gets green at the KW Ecofair

Local artisans and green thumbers of many passions gathered for some time in and around Kitchener’s city hall for the 2012 Ecofest.  From vendors selling Earth friendly, 100% naturally based personal care products or clothes, to green focused/made paintings and recycled photo cards, the consciousness of expressing one’s self in art and passion, and thriving in business with nature kept in principle, was embodied in many of the operators we met that day.  Here are a couple of profiles on painter Amy Mutter who will be at the Cambridge Arts Festival in early June, and crocheter Sylvia Chapman who’s work can be found at places like Cafe Pyrus.

All photographs are the property of Adam Dee and Subtle Solace Photography ©

”I began my business Aura Design, so that I could be hands-on creative in various mediums. I love decorating and designing interiors and doing so in a way that is eco-friendly to promote healthier spaces. I love painting and have ever since I was little, so it only made sense that I incorporate my abstract acrylic art into part of my career. My artwork has become more and more a passion of mine and an expression of joy and freedom in my life. The way I paint is with full on colour, I don’t tend to mix my colours too often, vibrant, fun and spontaneous are what rule my canvas. I’m quite convinced that without the ability to splash colour around me and others, part of me wouldn’t feel alive. Since starting my business I have been excited to share my work to the public. I have had my work in the A.M. Gallery in Milton and have had my work at the Milton Fair and The Bloomin Earth Festival in Kitchener. This summer I’m looking forward to being apart of the Cambridge Arts Festival and the All You Seek Expo. I would love to h

ave my work in restaurants, commercial buildings, galleries and homes of course. The sky is the limit! In my opinion having art in all kinds of spaces, public and private, provides people with a dose of creativity that inspires them and reminds them to enjoy life around them. Art is an expression of what you feel or want others to feel, a visual emotion.”

- Amy

”I learned to knit from a good friend of my mom’s when I was 7. I learned to crochet when I was 12, from my grandma. I started off knitting squares, as most people do, and then moved on to Barbie clothes, and ill-fitting elf-like hats for my family. I feel a little bad looking back on the goofy hats that I inadvertently made them wear, but apparently my little brothers thought they were great! I’ve always been a crafty kid; from making popsicle stick towers for my beanie babies to live in, to origami, beading, making hemp jewelry, and collaging with anything that I could get my hands on.
At the moment, I have been making a lot of hats (both winter and summer styles), crochet and knit, as well as knit flowers on flexible stems, brooches and clips. However, I am all over the map and enjoy making new, challenging articles, such as knit bikini tops(custom fit), and altering tops and inserting knit and crochet’d pieces.
I try and stick with natural materials, such as bamboo-viscose, hemp, linen(from flax), cotton, wool and silk. Natural materials tend to cost a little more, but they last so much longer, and the quality difference is very noticeable.
Custom orders are my favourite way to go. I find that pre-making a bunch of articles and not really knowing what will sell, and who it fill fit, is a bit of a crap-shoot. Also, that way I can maximize customer satisfaction, making items to size, the right fit, preferred colour and materials. That being said, I don’t have plans to be at any booths for the summer, but will have articles at the front window in the Queen street commons. I am working on an etsy account. My crafty/business name is the salvaged hem, and I can be reached at, and am very happy to take custom orders! I live and work downtown Kitchener, so once orders are completely I prefer to do pickup from Café Pyrus, where I work in the kitchen.”

- Sylvia

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