Amanda & Pete capture the process of VR’s Drop Box pARTy

It had been weeks of planning and sacrifice to arrange ten esteemed local artisans to come together and recreate the most eye-filling media drop boxes the public will ever see!  Finally last Wednesday Velvet Rope Magazine took over Waterloo Town Square for a day, led by a group of artists with their own established and distinguished process and representation, to revamp the old Echo boxes, for the VR Drop Box pARTy – each of which will soon be in the most dense areas of every city we cater to.  Fortunately we staved off the looming rain to enjoy this epic day outdoors as thousands of passerbyes took note of this unique event, while some even came in to explore the work within the gates, that we certainly hope won’t be the last of such pARTies!  Photos of each box will be posted soon, in the context of their location, so that you know where to find these boxes and your month VR magazine!  Until then follow our FB page or @VR_onthescene for daily updates on what our photographers are up to in the busy, busy weeks ahead.  We thank the artists below for their participation in the event, all city & VR staff, and Amanda and Pete for capturing the event.  I think even Victor has some pixies in here somewhere too…

Partaking Artisans: Alannah Chantel Mason, James Nye, Amanda Morreau, Meghan Elizabeth Weber, Matt J Ibele, Benjamin Ellery, Christopher Korrockabilly, Carmen Peters, Joey Bell, and Angela Werstine

All photographs are the property of Amanda DeLarge & Aeon Saige Photography, and Pete Khamphila & PK Photography, and Victor ‘Bacon’ Bast ©

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