Katie hops to see The Malignant Theory’s final farewell

Just a couple of summer’s ago commenced the journey of The Malignant Theory in Cambridge, ON, after another two years prior of chemistry building between some of the band members.  After calling on others to fill the gaps until the formula was just right; the band was born and moved to focusing on further definition.  After countless shows and releasing their first EP, The Human Condition, for free download earlier this year, it was decided to cap off their sound waves at The Hopper in Cambridge on July 31.  Katie was in attendance to give appreciation to this group’s dedication and stance in the city’s harder music scene with a few photos to say farewell by.  Also on the card to help with the show was Warlord Messiah, Ravenshade & Arkham Awaits!

All photographs are the property of Katie Maz Photography ©

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