Amanda, with all of KW, bids farewell to RareFunk

Yesterday, four years to the day that RareFunk, in the heart of downtown Kitchener, opened it’s indie doors to the public, the shop had opened for the last time.  The storefront housed a spectrum of merch from jewellery,  clothing, accessories, furniture and honestly everything in between not only as unique-as-hell eye candy, but through such, owner Tamara Minns created a community of nearly 100 local artisans’ hand-made, recycled, and re-enlivened works – their own ‘bread and butter’ – consigned to Rarefunk.  Amanda got out to the spectacle that this dedicated crew put together to give back to the community that kept it’s warm, colourful doors open for almost half a decade, in part thanks to the donations of other local independent businesses.  Also see more photos of the emotionally driven day here on their FB page.

All photographs are the property of Amanda DeLarge and Aeon Saige Photography ©

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