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Hey boys and girls, I got a CD in my possession that I bet that you don’t have! It’s brought to you by Sound Glyphics with their self-titled album… Wait for it… Sound Glyphics! I guess I should let you guys know that I review CD’s in real time so basically as the music is playing, I’m typing the review while listening. I feel it gives a more realistic review and lets everyone know what I’m thinking while the album is playing.

Sound Glyphics presents their album, Sound Glyphics

Before we get started, I should give you guys some quick information about Sound Glyphics. Luckily for me, I’m lazy and will just steal their bio from their website (

“Sound Glyphics was formed in Kitchener, ON in 2008 when founding members, Rick Barbosa and Rick Wren, met each other through the Tri-cities musical circuit. The members of Sound Glyphics enjoy the avenue of experimental rock as means of musical expression; wanting to bring back certain song writing elements without fear of what the musical fashion-police would say.”

Sounds promising, right? Well, let’s get into this CD!

1-      Horror Movie Funk

Crazy intro here. Reminds me of an 80’s cop movie scene. Killer sound they have here. I want to say it’s funky but not sure if it’s the right word. Lots of instrumentals going on right now but it all meshes very well together. I really can’t understand the vocals at all. They’re high pitched but it really doesn’t matter because the sound is phenomenal so it’s irrelevant. Screw what I said earlier, I’m going with funky in this song. The end of the song slows right down and it’s over. Great song right here, I was grooving to it the entire time… well as much as a white kid from suburban Canada can groove to anything. I bet it looks pretty awkward.

2-      Hemispherectomy

First off, what the hell is a Hemispherectomy? Actually I don’t want to know as watching geography porn doesn’t quite do it for me. Okay, back to work instead of thinking through the keyboard. Starts off with some instrumentals that sound circa hair band metal days. The instrumentals are different from the previous song but still great. The vocals are still hard to understand but for the most part mesh well with the rest of the song. There are times where the voice doesn’t quite fit with what’s going on with the instrumentals. After the solo, I can actually understand what’s being said as it slows down. The song ends with some instrumentals that slow itself down until it’s over.  This was a pretty good song. It was different enough from Horror Movie Funk but still had the same essence that Sound Glyphics presents. Well done.

3-      No Doubter

No instrumental leadoff as we get right to vocals! Oh wait, it was a tease for instrumentals. My Bad. They’ve got a few quick crazy sounds in that intro. This song sounds similar to Hemispherectomy, which isn’t a bad thing at all. I still can’t make out the vocals. I can catch a few words here and there but nothing really consistent. It really doesn’t bother me as the sound of all their songs so far has been amazing both vocally and instrumentally. That being said, if someone is lyrically stimulated, this might not be for them. The pace of this song is interesting.  I’ve never heard anything like it before.  At the end of the song, it doesn’t slow down at all and just keeps going. It’s like they kept going but turned off the recording. Strange way to end a song.

4-      Bridge Out Of Town

Okay, the instrumentals from the last song carry right into the beginning of this song. That’s pretty clever! At around the 50 second mark, the song transitions into what I would think would be a new song if I wasn’t paying attention. This is just mass confusion for me. This song picks up where the last one left off then sounds like a new song half way through even though it’s all just one song? Is this supposed to be a transitional song? Must be because…

5-      Pack Of Fleas

… It does the exact same thing as how the last song started off with the end of the last song being the beginning of this song! I’m so confused right now. It’s as if these three songs were supposed to be a ten minute song but they broke it up for some reason into three pieces. Literally, it sounds like a continuation of the previous song which was a continuation of No Doubter. I waited until the next song to see if it was another continuation but it wasn’t. Overall the three song trilogy, as I’m going to call it, was pretty good. The vocals meshed with all the other instrumentals going on and made a great sound. Why they broke up one mega song into three different parts at strange times is confusing me.

6-      Pawprints

Starts off with some keyboard and guitar action. Sounds relaxing. The vocals are good and are slow and not high pitched so I can understand what’s going on in the song. I’m not going to get into the vocals and what they mean, I’ll let you guys listen to that and figure it out. This is a pretty chilled song, I’m really enjoying it. This song is different than all the others so far and really shows the range Sound Glyphics has in their musical arsenal. Good pace, the instrumentals flows good with the vocals. Song ends in traditional Sound Glyphics fashion with the instrumental sound off. Very well done. So far they’ve hit the funk, they’ve hit the hair metal(ish) sound and they went to a more chilled sound here. I’m very impressed with the range these guys have.

7-      Heavy Cat

This time, we get some weird vocal deal going on like a part in some old horror movie. It actually works considering when the instrumentals hit, it flows perfectly. A hard thing for bands to pull off but they did it. Once again, these guys have the perfect harmony of vocals and instrumentals that flow great with the pace of the song. This song goes from chilled to the solo where they throw in a lot of guitar action. It transitions back like a work of art. Well done.

Overall, this is one amazing CD. I want to call it more of an art form than music because of how well everything flowed and sounded. One thing that really stood out for me was how harmonized the vocals were with the instrumentals. Not too many bands could come out with that kind of smooth sound but Sound Glyphics makes it look easy. Sound Glyphics clearly spends plenty of time honing their craft not only through practise but also through editing and it shows in this album. My only critizism is with songs 3, 4 and 5. They were essentially one big song but got cut into three songs. That doesn’t sound all that bad until I look at how long every song is. No Doubter is 6:52, Bridge out of Town is 1:40 and Pack of Fleas is 1:52. Why not just keep it as one giant song? I listened to this album on shuffle and when it comes to 4 and 5, it’s awkward and feels like you just missed a part of another song. My recommendation is that you listen to this CD without shuffle.  Aside from that minor detail, Sound Glyphics knocked it out of the park with this album!

Victor’s Overall Grade- 9 Bobbleheads out of 10



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